Nursing department was estabilished in 2007, admits about 100 students each year. Department of Nursing education began its first student in 2010-2011, one year after the English Preparatory Program and includes a 4-year nursing education.

Nursing Department is doing to educate the next generalization of nurses and improve the health and well-being of individuals, families, and communities in Karabük, the nation, and the world. The mission of the nursing department is to improve the health of all people in Turkey, and the world through the development of qualified nurse leaders at all levels of practice, the development of nursing science related to health care, and the provision of nursing care to individuals, families, and comunities.

Department of Nursing candidates who are eligible to study, prepare the necessary documents for enrollment (high school diploma, graduation certificate, ID card samples, photographs,military status certificate, the medical report), Karabuk University, which was declared on record declared by the Department of Student Affairs are registered in places